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5 Bible Verse About Holy Angel of the Lord ‘Raphael’ in the Bible

5 Bible verse about holy angel of the lord ‘Raphael’ in the Bible.  ‘  Archangel Raphael’ of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, who in the Christian tradition performs all manners of healing. In Islam, Raphael is the fourth major angel; in Muslim tradition, he is known as Israfil.


Tobias (Tobit) 3:25

[21] But this every one is sure of that worshippeth thee, that his life, if it be under trial, shall be crowned: and if it be under tribulation, it shall be delivered: and if it be under correction, it shall be allowed to come to thy mercy.

[22] For thou art not delighted in our being lost: because after a storm thou makest a calm, and after tears and weeping thou pourest in joyfulness.

[23] Be thy name, O God of Israel, blessed for ever.

[24] At that time the prayers of them both were heard in the sight of the glory of the most high God:

[25] And the holy angel of the Lord, Raphael was sent to heal them both, whose prayers at one time were rehearsed in the sight of the Lord.


Tobias (Tobit) 5:17
[16] And Tobias said to him: I pray thee, tell me, of what family, or what tribe art thou?

[17] And Raphael the angel answered: Dost thou seek the family of him thou hirest, or the hired servant himself to go with thy son?

[18] But lest I should make thee uneasy, I am Azarias the son of the great Ananias.

[19] And Tobias answered: Thou art of a great family. But I pray thee be not angry that I desired to know thy family.

[20] And the angel said to him: I will lead thy son safe, and bring him to thee again safe.


Tobias (Tobit) 6:16
[16] Then the angel Raphael said to him: Hear me, and I will shew thee who they are, over whom the devil can prevail.

[17] For they who in such manner receive matrimony, as to shut out God from themselves, and from their mind, and to give themselves to their lust, as the horse and mule, which have not understanding, over them the devil hath power.

[18] But thou when thou shalt take her, go into the chamber, and for three days keep thyself continent from her, and give thyself to nothing else but to prayers with her.

[19] And on that night lay the liver of the fish on the fire, and the devil shall be driven away.

[20] But the second night thou shalt be admitted into the society of the holy Patriarchs.


Tobias (Tobit) 8:3
[1] And after they had supped, they brought in the young man to her.

[2] And Tobias remembering the angel’ s word, took out of his bag part of the liver, and laid it upon burning coals.

[3] Then the angel Raphael took the devil, and bound him in the desert of upper Egypt.

[4] Then Tobias exhorted the virgin, and said to her: Sara, arise, and let us pray to God today, and tomorrow, and the next day: because for these three nights we are joined to God: and when the third night is over, we will be in our own wedlock.

[5] For we are the children of saints, and we must not be joined together like heathens that know not God.


Tobias (Tobit) 12:15
For I am the angel Raphael, one of the seven, who stand before the Lord.