Brian Viloria vs Roman Gonzalez Bob Arum Promote Mega Fight

Brian Viloria vs Roman Gonzalez Promote Mega Full Fight

Bob Arum wants Brian Viloria vs Roman “chocolatito” Gonzalez Mega Full Fight Showdown, SINGAPORE — The next full fight 2015 event world boxing champions lighter weight ranking division .

Brian Viloria vs Roman Gonzalez – Bob Arum Promote Mega Fight

Former Filipino-American world titlist Brian “The Hawaiian Punch” Viloria (35-4, 21 KO’s) has had a roller coaster of a career, one that has seen him rise to the top of the rankings by way of a handful of impressive victories only to crash down to the pitfalls with disappointing setbacks — and then claw his way back up again.

Since his latest loss, a split decision to Mexico’s Juan Francisco Estrada wherein Viloria surrendered both his WBA and WBO flyweight titles, the “Hawaiian Punch” could be on the verge of landing the biggest full fight of his career should Top Rank chief executive Bob Arum get his way.

According to a report by ESPN’s Dan Rafael, Arum plans to put Viloria, 34, in the ring against undefeated flyweight champion and pound-for-pound entrant, Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez (43-0, 37 KO’s) in a pay-per-view show to be held in Mexico.

Gonzalez, who is fresh off a 2nd round TKO victory over former Viloria conqueror, Edgar Sosa, is slated to fight in the very near future, and Arum wants to put him up against a practical opponent.

“The question is, does social media account Roman Gonzalez Facebook before next fight on HBO in October or on pay-per-view in September? I’m not so anxious to put him on a pay-per-view card unless he fights someone like Viloria,” said Arum.

“I would like [Roman Gonzalez] to fight Viloria because I think it would drive a lot of Filipino buys because Viloria is popular with the Filipinos.”

If the fight comes to fruition, it would become easily the biggest bout in Viloria’s storied career. Gonzalez is all that is advertised — a volume-punching, relentless killer in the ring with devastating knockout power. He’s proven that.

Viloria, who is a former Olympic medallist, is not too shabby either.

Early analyses will most definitely place Viloria in the underdog role, but the Filipino-American does have game-changing power which could pose problems for Gonzalez should Viloria be able to find his range.

This of course, all depends on if Gonzalez’ promoter, the Japan-based Teiken Boxing, are keen on a Gonzalez-Viloria next fight matchup. Arum is skeptical at best.

“I don’t think [Akihiko Honda] (Teiken Boxing lead), is so anxious for Chocolatito to fight Viloria,” said Arum. “A [Roman Chocolatito Gonzalez] rematch with [Mexico’s Juan Francisco] Estrada would be fine also.”

Fans of the Hawaiian Punch have a lot to be excited about given the recent news. A win over Gonzalez would put Viloria instantly back on top of the rankings in boxing’s lighter weight divisions. –

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