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Detroit Latest Most Expensive Automobile 2016

Auto show  hits Detroit latest luxury, most expensive automobile cars 2016 products hits, misses and revelations.

Detroit – There is a refreshing absence of new crossover/utility vehicles at the 2016 North American International Auto Show. In fact, this show is very balanced; some concepts, a few new coupes and sedans, a truck here or there, a relevant new minivan, and only five crossovers.


The show is so well-balanced that 10 of our editors and contributors covering the show have a lot to say, and have a lot of opposing opinions on the premiers and concepts. So sit back and enjoy a virtual tour of what’s hot, what’s not, and what’s confounding from Detroit 2016.
2016 Detroit Auto Show


Buick Avista – 2016 Detroit Latest Automobiles
Buick Avista Detroit Latest Automobiles

This makes two hits in a row for Buick at Detroit. The Avista looks much more realistic than last year’s Avenir. It’s essentially a Buick Camaro, riding on the same outstanding chassis we love in the Cadillac ATS/CTS and Chevrolet Camaro, and it has a 400-hp twin-turbo 3.0-liter V-6. The Avista is a beautiful car with exciting performance parts under the pretty wrapper, and I’d love to see it in Buick showrooms. –Jake Holmes
Miss: Buick Avista
This sexy concept somehow strikes me as less than the sum of its parts. Stunning color, balanced proportions, and just the right middle ground between concept-car wackiness and realistic production touches. I just don’t get it as a Buick. I would have been equally impressed had Hyundai, or Infiniti, or any other premium brand rolled this concept onto its stages. I don’t get a clear sense of identity, and I don’t particularly care whether they’re going to build it or not. –Joseph Capparella

Hit: Buick Avista
Register it a qualified hit for too much “homage” to Aston Martin and the Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 concept (which was designed by Sungyup Lee, who designed the RWD 2004 Velite concept for Buick). If Buick gets the green light on Avista I suspect it will become a less cabin-rearward four-door “coupe” to further distance itself from the Alpha-platform mates. But first, the Olds wagon-like name has to go. “Riviera” still works. –Todd Lassa


Buick Avista automobile color blue Buick Avista automobile color blue Buick Avista automobile color blue Buick Avista automobile color blue


Miss: Buick Avista
I feel like I stand on solid ground when design editor Robert Cumberford agrees with me the Avista is a dud. It’s totally derivative, and it previews a car that nobody asked for and will never be built. The car feels out of harmony with itself; Camaro front end, F-Type in profile, and last year’s Avenir concept at the rear. The Avista seems like it’s good until you look closely and realize GM kind of phoned this one in. The Avenir has way better staying power and actually means something to the Buick brand. It’s as if GM management forgot that they already got rid of Pontiac, drew up the Avista, and figured the Buick badge fit on front as well as anything else. –Eric Weiner
Hit: Buick Avista
Dripping vehicular magnetism, the Avista has something for almost everyone, visually speaking, and it’s packing 400 horses under that long, low hood. Oh, and it’s rear-wheel drive. Yes, it’s a Buick. If it weren’t for last year’s Avenir, I wouldn’t think Buick was capable of something like the Avista—but now we just want to see the production car come New York. –Nelson Ireson
Hit: Buick Avista
We have to start with a big IF. As in IF General Motors has the guts to build the Avista without having to jerk the sheetmetal around to fit safety, production and other considerations not designed into the concept, it will have a real winner. Long and beautifully svelte, it’s ready for Rodeo Drive. Or, if they built it around the Alpha chassis with a Camaro attitude, it could be a 400-horsepower coupe…hard to say which I’d prefer. –John Lamm


Lexus LC 500 – 2016 Detroit Latest Automobiles

Lexus LC 500 color red Detroit 2016 Model

Oh, that horrid front end! Those confusing backlight/side window/pillar intersections. The too- low roof. But above all, that grille… –Robert Cumberford
Hit: Lexus LC 500
This result of Akio Toyoda’s leadership and drive to make Lexus International a well-integrated operation looks like a concept car. Nope, it’s real and goes on sale in 2017. Give Lexus credit for treading where no others do in the styling department. Is that a good thing? Depends on the viewing angle. I like the idea of a new sports coupe not running a turbocharged engine, but how much does this alien weigh? If the LC 500 handles exceptionally well and the controls feel right, and it performs like its looks imply, it’s a hit. If it does those things as marginally as I fear it might, well, not so much. This isn’t a pure sports car, but it needs to be fun to drive. Either way, owners will certainly look like they’re wheeling a video-game bonus car regardless of how sporty it is. —Mac Morrison
Miss: Lexus LC 500
You remember that kid (maybe it was you) who had done a brilliant science project, right up to the night before the fair, when everything went wrong and then it all melted into a barely recognizable mess? That’s how I feel about the Lexus LC 500. There are—maybe—some interesting, even attractive styling elements in there, but they’ve been obscured by a few minutes too long in the oven. The front and rear ends droop, hood and deck spilling into low, baggy fenders. The details, in contrast, have been stuck on after the fact, as if to remedy the disproportion, but instead act as focal points for my unimpressed eye—lights, grille, the overwrought and under-thought side intake. None of it works for me. I wish there were a new Supra to love, but this just isn’t it. –N.I.

Lexus LC 500 color red Lexus LC 500 color red Lexus LC 500 color red Lexus LC 500 color red

Hit: Lexus LC 500
I can’t quite figure this car out, and that’s what I like most about it. That the wild, angular, and frankly bizarre design comes from Lexus gives me a lot of optimism for the brand. And if it is this striking under the auto show lights, I can only imagine how shocking it will look the first time I see one on the road. –J.C.

Miss: Lexus LC 500
I agree with everyone else who finds it very impressive that a car this wild is going into series production. What I disagree with is the general excitement. With 467 horsepower and a 0-to-60-mph time of 4.5 seconds, it’s hardly a performance monster. And there’s something about the design I simply don’t like. Maybe it’s the giant, flabby panels. Perhaps it’s that the car looks bent or curved from the side. Maybe it’s that the front and rear appear to have been designed by different people. Whatever it is, this car does not excite me. –J.H.


The Ford Stand – Latest Detroit 2016 Model

The Ford Stand – Ford absolutely dominated last year’s Detroit show with the new GT concept, the F-150 Raptor concept, and GT350 Mustang. But Ford was barely a blip on the radar this year, showing only a production version of that same Raptor, a mild update to the Fusion midsizer, and all sorts of app/connectivity/mobility nonsense.

Even Ryan Seacrest, who chatted with CEO Mark Fields on stage during the Ford press conference, couldn’t save the show. Maybe the Ford brass decided it was Lincoln’s time to shine instead? –J.C.
The Ford Stand



Lincoln Continental Detroit Latest 2016 Car Model

There are several things I like about the Continental, namely its upscale interior, but the exterior wow factor of the concept isn’t really there with the production model. The door handles were strange, there’s too much chrome, its lower fascia is messy. And I expected more out of the Black Label on the show floor. For example, the rear sunshades were manual pull up style. This car needs to be better than that. – Mike Floyd

Hit: Lincoln Continental
Lincoln has an uphill battle ahead, and I was prepared for the production version of this luxury sedan to be a disappointment. And while it doesn’t blow me away, the Continental oozes presence. It’s big and imposing and authoritative, just like a Lincoln should be. The interior is spacious and nicely finished, and the rear seat is sumptuous. Pricing will be key to the Continental’s success—around $50,000 would be a nice sweet spot—but this car is exactly the step Lincoln needs to be taking right now. –J.C.

Miss: Lincoln Continental
There is nothing wrong with the production Continental. It looks great, and has Ford’s latest thinking on infotainment and connectivity. But who among us, whose not our retired uncle or a Ford employee wants to answer the question, “What did you get?” with “A Lincoln Continental.” I suppose the time has passed trying to convince Ford CEO Mark Fields to ditch Lincoln in favor of a new brand with a shot at real sales volume. — David Kiley
Revelation: The Lincoln Continental is a bit underwhelming, and that’s the point
“Quiet luxury,” could easily be misconstrued as “expensive and boring,” but I don’t think Lincoln has fallen into that trap with the Continental.

I think it’s true that the Continental lacks a heaping dose of flash and opulence, but it has all of the ingredients for a successful luxury sedan. It’s clean, stylish, and loaded with tech. There are a solid range of powerful engines and available all-wheel drive.

But most of all, the Continental is focused–it knows what it’s supposed to be, and that has nothing to do with exhaust notes and lap times. It’s an honest luxury sedan with a clear objective.

More than any car Lincoln has introduced in the last 20 years, the Continental represents a clear directive with a chance to break the brand from its cycle of slow decay. –E.W.
Lincoln Continental Detroit Latest 2016 Car Model

The Lincoln Continental color white The Lincoln Continental color white The Lincoln Continental color white The Lincoln Continental color white

Miss: Lincoln Continental
This car just looks boring, fat, and plain. A blue interior doesn’t do it any favors, either. –J.H.

Miss: Lincoln Continental
A heavy, front-wheel drive-biased AWD sedan with slightly frumpy styling is just about the last thing Lincoln needs to become a major player again. –C.G.

Miss: Lincoln Continental
The dash-to-axle proportion on this big car betrays the Lincoln as little more than a well-appointed stretch Ford Fusion. At least the door handles are special, and the interior design is appropriately Mad Man-esque. –T.L.

Miss: Lincoln Continental
It looks like a vaguely familiar second-level Asian near-luxury sedan — think Hyundai before the Koreans got serious with Genesis — wearing a knock-off of the old Infiniti M45 grille. The FWD chassis results in excessive front overhang, which spoils proportions, but it has oversized door handles to suit arthritic senior fingers. –R.C.



Infiniti Q60 – Color Red Latest 2016 Automobiles

The biggest sleeper of the show. People keep walking past the Infiniti stand, and I don’t understand why. The Q60 preserves the gorgeous lines of the Inspiration concept, and adds in a powerful twin-turbo V-6 that promises to be a riot. Infiniti has taken the mostly bland look of the Q50 sedan and turned it into something beautiful, pushing the needle for the brand. –E.W.
Hit: Infiniti Q60
I thought the Q60 looked great in photos, but the car really caught my eye as I walked past the Infiniti stand on my way to another press conference. The swoopy design is cohesive and sleek, and I found myself inadvertently looking back at it as I walked away. –J.C.
Hit: Infiniti Q60
My best of show. Perhaps more than anyone, Infiniti does a fantastic job converting its beautiful concept cars into production models without diluting their design. The Q60 is no exception, with flowing, rippling sheetmetal that easily makes this the prettiest car in its segment.

Add in a range of three powerful turbocharged engines, a smart interior, and claimed sporty chassis dynamics, and the Q60 is a car I can’t wait to drive. –J.H.
Infiniti Q60 Color Red Latest 2016 Automobiles

Infiniti Q60 - Color Red Infiniti Q60 - Color Red Infiniti Q60 - Color Red  Infiniti Q60 - Color Red

Hit: Infiniti Q60
Wow…make that double wow. Infiniti not only kicks the coupe’s styling well up the scale, but also backs it with take-that-you-Germans power. Can’t wait to try the 400-horsepower version, but I bet even the 2.0-liter four would make a nice package. Match them with the 7-speed and all-wheel drive. And it’s a looker, which should suit all those who don’t want to go to cars & coffee or Pebble Beach in still another BMW, Audi or Mercedes. –J.L.

Hit: Infiniti Q60
Another stunner in a surprisingly attractive field of coupes at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, the Infiniti Q60 takes the Q50’s sedan bones and wraps a sleek, elegant coupe body around them. The interior looks fresh and upscale, too, and with powerful drivetrain choices and a boatload of Infiniti tech on board, it’s one I’m looking forward to driving. –N.I.

Hit: Infiniti Q60
Qualified — where its Q50 sedan sibling is a bit anonymous, the Q60 coupe is both derivative (are those front fenders straight off a BMW 4 Series?) and expressive (note the angle of the Nakamura kink). It’s what the Infiniti coupe always has been; a bargain-priced BMW 3 coupe/4 Series. –T.L.



Fiat 124 Spider Color Blue Latest Detroit Cars 2016 Model

Fiat 124 Spider Color Blue

Ugly. On the Internet, in person, doesn’t matter what angle—ugly. The Crossfire-style hood, silver windshield wraparound, undercut sides, and long overhangs do the 124 no favors.

The Fiat 124 Spider doesn’t even justify its homely appearance with a seriously beefed-up powertrain; the ultimate power-to-weight ratio is actually a bit worse than the Miata it’s based on (15.2 lbs/hp vs the Mazda’s 15.0).

It may be a joy to drive, but it’s a convertible, so you’d have to be seen driving it. I’ll pass. –N.I.

Fiat 124 Spider Color Blue-gray Fiat 124 Spider Color Blue-g Fiat 124 Spider Color Blue-gray 2 Fiat 124 Spider Color Blue-gray



Chrysler TC by Fiat – Latest 2016 Automobile Models

Rumor is that Chrysler considered modernizing the old name by simply using the initials, “TC.” –T.L.
Hit: BMW M2
A pure hot rod, convincingly small enough to really enjoy on a narrow mountain road, fast enough for just about anyone save pro rally drivers, and with that desirable aura of being the car everyone wants to beat… and can’t. – R.C.

Hit: BMW M2
I think that the BMW M235i is so balanced and good that it doesn’t need more power, bigger brakes, and a stiffer suspension. But then again, the 2 Series is so intrinsically good that I don’t think there’s any way that the M2’s upgrades can possibly make it any worse. The low, wide, and mean stance along with the gorgeous blue color really cement it as a hit in my mind. –J.C.

Hit: BMW M2
In an era when Ford, Dodge, and Chevy have built contenders to the absolute top-performance crown, cars that can match million-dollar European hypercars for track times, it’s nice to see a real person’s performance car. That’s the BMW M2. Right-sized, not aiming to be the king of any particular hill, but gorgeous to look at, plenty powerful, and sure to be a riot to drive—the M235i is a fun little machine in its own right, and the M2 offers serious upgrades in every important area. What more could you ask for? Spot on, BMW. — N.I.

Hit: BMW M2
Wish you could still buy a brand new, 2016 model-year E46 M3? You can’t, but BMW’s M2 — looking fantastic in this particular hue — has potential to be the modern equivalent, turbocharged engine aside. — M.M.
Chrysler TC by Fiat - Latest 2016 Automobile Models

2016-bmw-m2-rear-end 2016-bmw-m2-rear-end 2016-bmw-m2-rear-end 2016-bmw-m2-rear-end