E. J. Brooks vs Steve Kennedy(ACB 88) Full Fight – Saturday June 16, 2018

ACB 88: Absolute Championship Berkut: ACB (Fight Club Berkut) a MMA Mixed martial arts events – Brisbane, Australia featuring the main event of the evening under 185lbs weight classE. J. Brooks vs Steve Kennedy(ACB 88) full fight – Saturday June 16, 2018.

Following several minutes of clinch control, streaking US grinder EJ Brooks (13-5, #91 World WW) took down Aussie UFC vet Steve Kennedy (25-9, #182 World) late in round 1. Kennedy managed to scramble to his feet but ate a number of knees to the face from front headlock position.

Round 2 went much better for the Australian, who managed to fend off Brooks’ grappling efforts while landing a modicum of significant offense at range. Kennedy chose to press for a takedown of his own to start round 3 but ended up tackled to the mat and back in front headlock position. Brooks couldn’t control, though, and the pair returned to clinch grinding as round 3 wore on.

The University of Missouri wrestler used a nice single leg to pull off the takedown halfway through the final stanza and ride out the rest of the bout on top. It wasn’t glamorous, but EJ Brooks extended his win streak to five on enemy soil.

Brooks is now 2-0 ACB and has defeated the likes of Kennedy, Dakota Cochrane, Ben Egli, and Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos by decision during his two-year run of top form.

E. J. Brooks vs Steve Kennedy ACB88 Fight Video.
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