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fruits teatment heart disease

Fruits can cure heart disease

Top fruits that can cure your heart disease or maybe failure of cardiovascular treatment, some of us they ignore the healthy food or they focus about delicious food so that they eat no limitation.

Heart disease is a big deal to us, they having paranoid to hear that kind of illness,  so now we have an alternative natural treatment  and best solution about problem in heart disease.  Fruits is best option maybe can cure and save your body and keep it your heart healthy.


Take note:  Healthy diet physical activity  and not smoking are three key ways to keep your heart strong and healthy, so add this healthy cure fruits to your list;




what cause raspberries to heart

Raspberries are loaded with polyphenols  antioxidants that mop up damage-causing free radicals in your body. They also deliver fiber and vitamin C, which are both linked to a lower risk of stroke. studies found raspberries reduces oxidative stress and inflammation,indicating may lower blood pressure and slow development of  atherosclerosis, but they are among the few foods that also contain large amounts of ellagitannins and anthocyanins.

Any berries :

strawberries, blueberries, blackberries  great choices. Fruits and vegetables in general are excellent choices because of their nutrients and fiber, that your body needs to maintain good health.


Avocado :

cause avocado to heart

Avocado is naturally good fats,  studies show that it has powerful beneficial effects on health. These fruits are full of creamy texture from good fats, which to help lower your “bad” cholesterol. Avocado can help consumers meet the heart healthy diet, they also seems  to have an anti- inflammatory effects.They don’t get chronic inflammation that makes atherosclerosis.



cause oranges to heart

Oranges sweet and juicy, oranges have the cholesterol – fighting fiber protein, they also have potassium which helps control blood pressure. A whole oranges contains about 85 calories, well known  for their vitamin C  content, and may boost your immune system and improve  your skin, They also aid with heart  health, may traditionally help reduce the risk of respiratory disease.When potassium levels get too low, you may develop an abnormal heart rhythm, known as an arrhythmia.



cause cherries to heart

Cherries sweet  they all good, they’re believed to help to protect blood vessels and brain cells against oxidative stress, implying that cherry consumption may help to prevent atherosclerotic plaque formation and neurodegenerative diseases like dementia.


Cherry anthocyanins also slow the growth of human colon cancer .Regarding antioxidant content, cherries are some of the highest ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) foods in existence  the ORAC score of sweet cherries ranks just as high as strawberries though not quite as high as blueberries.


Anthocyanins protect the body against oxidative damage in a number of ways: they scavenge free radicals directly, bind to DNA to protect it from oxidative damage, and activate detoxification and antioxidant enzyme systems in the body.At least when it comes to taking care of your of  heart symtoms and warding off those aches and pain and are good source of fiber.