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Iraq Amazing Moving Sand River

Iraq Amazing Moving Sand River Hoax or Facts

Sand River In Iraq: Amazing Moving Sand, Like a River, Nature Is Great. ts not sand, its ice nuggets or hail stones however mixed with the sand and it provides that illusion of sand stream

These Iraqi men watch in disbelief as AN ice flood streams through the desert carrying hailstones the scale of golf balls

It’s famed for its hot, dry summers and short, cool winters however not this year as Al-Iraq was hit by a torrential rain and silver storm that semiconductor diode to meltdown within the war-worn country.

This unimaginable footage shows the extent of AN new weather pattern that’scaused chaos within the geographical region.

A frozen stream of drinking water is seen raging through the desert as these Iraqi men watch on in disbelief.

The region – notable for its arid climate – has been hit by ice storms, robust winds and significant rain in recent days resulting in the Iraqi government declaring a state of emergency.

Emergency services might have expertise of sand storms however they were left unprepared for the unexpected onset of the icy cloudburst that left hospitals and governmental establishments swamped and buckling beneath the strain of demands.

Iraqi residents reported hailstones the scale of golf balls that rained down inflicting icy streams to feed into the swollen Tigris and Euphrates River rivers.

The clip shows large chunks of ice moving at speed because the stream of hail sweeps through a flat desert landscape.

This is the second major freak weather episode to hit the country of Al-Iraq since the summer.

In August the country was given a compulsory four-day vacation once hot weather brought dangerous temperatures of 52C to the capital Baghdad .