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Jarred Brooks vs Roberto Sanchez Full Fight

Jarred Brooks vs Roberto Sanchez Full Fight – Saturday 8, Sept 2018

The full fight coverage, results, and highlights of this event Jarred Brooks”THE MONKEY GOD”, and Roberto Sanchez”LITTLE FURY” listed of the year as seventh Pay Per View (PPV) biggest events. Alternative UFC 228 live stream channel is it on BT Sport 2, and UFC’s Fight Pass streaming the entire preliminary card starting at 6:30 p.m. ET/ and 3:30pm PT, with the main event expected to start between 9:30pm ET on PPV(pay per view) stream at 10pm ET and 7pm PT.

The UFC 228 reserved as seventh Pay Per View(PPV) fighting events tonight slated on Saturday 8, September 2018 takes place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Will see UFC 228 main card and prelim undercard fighters put their excellent records on the line and prepared and impressive form fighters as one of the best UFC martial artist champions, who are aiming to continue an impressive form and put on a great fight for their UFC fans tonight.

Jarred Brooks vs. Roberto Sanchez

Saturday 08, September 2018

Flyweight Contest, 3 Rounds

Fight Card: UFC 228 (Woodley vs Till) Maincard.

Television: BT Sport 2, UFC Fight Pass

  • Fight result: Jarred Brooks defeated Roberto Sanchez via decision over three rounds of UFC 228 events.

Brooks vs Sanchez Full Fight – Saturday 8, Sept. 2018
Part 1,
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Part 2,
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