Salary job in Japan

Latest Highest Salary in Japan

Japan is the one of the most advance technology and most land of rising sun in ASIA, Let’s talk about the highest salary rate in Japan.

There are 12 Millions jobs offered in Japanese country today!!, Japan is one of the most beautiful and workaholic country believing the word of honor ‘quality is first priority’ very fascinating in style of living, rich in culture history. Unlimited opportunities offered in Japan as long as you will work hard and self discipline.

Jobs offered salary rate, is one of the most highest tariff in whole ASEAN country. Even medical schemes to their employees is authentic and great insurances scheme.

Public and Private sector (IT) Information Technology professionals, is the most en-demand job opportunities offered, which hired personnel should possibly earn monthly more or less average 500,000 Japanese yen (£2,732)-($2946.60)-(Php146,619) per month.

List of Top high paid jobs in Japan, minimum salary rate start from $59,320 – $97,069 estimated monthly income with great insurance schemes.

Highest Salary Jobs in Japan

Job Offer Monthly Average Salary RateEducationSkills
Risk Analyst$94,373.00Bachelor degree, finance relatedAnalytical capabilities.
Managing Director$81,069.00Bachelors degree, MBA/CPA relatedeffective writer,

business email expert,

financial strategical expert.

Business Analyst$70,752.00Bachelors degree, business adminquantitative techniques,

decision making expert.

Project Manager$66,330.00Management degreeDiplomacy skills,

numeracy, organisational.

Security Analyst$64,874.00Bachelors computer science relatedSpecial ability in information security trends.
Area Manager$63,688.00Expert in sales, target, motivation, maximizing,Hard working, work well under pressure, confidence.
 Senior Project Manager $62,555.00 Bachelors degree leadership related role. Team building sales, system thinker
 Materials Scientist $60,145.00 Bachelors masters degree Ph.D Excellent oral expression, Critical thingking.
 Client Service Representative $58,953.00 Direct marketing degree, Client service representative, communications skills.
 Freight Forwarder $58,953Business Degree, Distribution ,supply chain management. Expert Supply chain management skill.