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Milan Melindo and Fahlan Sakkreerin Jr boxing fight

Milan Melindo and Fahlan Sakkreerin Jr. Full Fight Replay

ALA boxing promotion, Milan Melindo and Fahlan Sakkreerin Jr. full fight replay Pinoy Pride 39 recap, result, scores champion held at Cebu Coliseum, Cebu City, Philippines.

Pinoypride 39 boxers Milan Melindo-Fahlan Sakkreerin Jr.(Teeraphong Utaida) fight videos after broadcast event held at Cebu Coliseum, Cebu City, Philippines.

(34-2-0 12KO’s)Milan “el metodico” Melindo vs Fahlan Sakkreerin Jr. (31-4- 1 16 KOs) fighting for IBF light flyweight title.

“El Metodico” Milan Melindo named as pinoypride39 main event as IBF rank number 6 while his Thailand opponent Fahlan Sakkreerin Jr. is an IBF rank number 3.

Together with undercard fighters, Philippine rising boxing stars, Jeo Santisima(Masbate) versus Rex Wao(Baguio City),
Jimy Paypa(Lanao Del Sur) Jerry Nardo(Bacolod City),
Melvin Jerusalem(Bukidnon) versus Bonjon Loperez(Davao City),
Kevin Jake Cataraja(Cebu City) versus John Kenan Villaflor(Cebu City)
and last but not the least Virgil Vitor(Tagbilaran City) versus Jonathan Francisco of Cebu City.

Melindo vs Teeraphong Utaida Full Fight Replay

Melindo vs Thai Fahlan Sakkrareen Jr. Round by Round Updates

milan melindo pinoy pride 39
Milan Milendo is interviewed moments after pocketing the IBF World Interim Junior Flyweight title in the main event of Pinoy Pride 39: Road to Redemption at the Cebu Coliseum. (CDN PHOTO/GLENDALE ROSAL)
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The main event, Melindo-Sakkreerin

Round 1

Round 2
Both fighters still on finding heat-up

Round 3
Melindo countering well Fahlan Sakkrareen Jr. using jab well, So far i have Milan ahead after 3 rounds.

Round 4
Melindo still doing good job of countering, Fahlan Sakkrareen Jr. staggers Melindo with a stiff right

Round 5
Continuing job counter both two fighters waiting for right timing.

Round 6
good round for the thai fighter in the 6th

Round 7
Very good R7 for Milan, Landing jabs and counters. Ended round strong, unloading flurry on Fahlan Sakkrareen Jr.

Round 8
Big round for Milan who wobbles Sakreerin in the last 10 seconds of round 7, Good two way action in the 8th, Have milan ahead 6 rounds to 2, Better R8 for Sakreerin Jr.

Round 9
now doing the jabbing and countering. Milan did land a solid counter hook that stunned Fahlan Sakkrareen Jr a bit, Good even round in the 9th but Milan shaded it.

Round 10
Strong round 10 for Fahlan Sakkrareen Jr. Controlled the pace and landed the better shots. Sakreerin wins 10th, needs to sweep remaining rounds

Round 11
Another good round for Fahlan Sakkrareen Jr. in R11. Landed more and landed better. Melindo connected on a clean combo midway.

Round 12
R12 for Melindo. Landed couple of counters that had FSJr staggered and swinging at air. Could be enough.

Final Decision Result:
Congratulations Milan Melindo, new IBF World Interim Junior Flyweight title.

Milan Melindo as he clinched the IBF World Interim Junior Flyweight title by defeating Thai Fahlan Sakkrareen Jr. via unanimous decision.

Judges 1: 117-111
Judges 2: 115-113
Judges 3: 115-113

Melindo finally snatched a world title belt after bungling his

Melindo said he is looking forward to fighting Japanese IBF world junior flyweight king Akira Yaegashi next year.