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MMFF 2015 Top Grosser Final Box Office Result as of Jan 25, 2016

MMFF 2015 top grosser final box office results as of Jan 25, 2016. There are 8 movie list in Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entries, The big revelation of  final box office final results as of today latest major Philippine movie event, ‘Beauty and the Bestie’ is the winner mmff 2015 top grosser film .

The Metro Manila Film Festival(mmff.com.ph) committee announced last January 7, 2016 total gross earnings over all MMFF 2015 box office results ₱1.1 Billion.

Super thankful: Philippine movie event, Because Filipinos are gradually back2back support the Philippine Cinema’s nationawide positive or negative vibes reactions.  The most important is the fruitful idea’s of our Philippine beloved directors who made the film, congratulations!!!!clap3x champion.


8 Filipino film list been selected ‘All You Need Is Pag-Ibig‘, ‘Beauty and the Bestie‘,’Buy Now, Die Later‘,’Haunted Mansion‘,’Honor Thy Father‘,’My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore‘,’Nilalang‘,’Walang Forever‘.


Top Grosser Film Entries as of Jan 25, 2016 the fourth week.

MMFF Top Grosser December 25 to January 25, 2016 MMFF 2015 Box Office Results
My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore ₱385,000,000.00
Beauty and the Bestie ₱526,000,000.00
Haunted Mansion  ₱ 140,806,006.23
#Walang Forever Not yet reveal
All you need is Pag-ibig ₱37,000,000.00
Honor Thy Father Not yet reveal
Nilalang ₱1,906,223.54
Buy now Die Later Not yet reveal