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MLBB or Mobile Legends Bang Bang! has been downloaded estimated to 1 Billion times since day 1. According to Sensor Tower data report, started from January 2016, MLBB has accumulated 281.3 million downloads and progressively still rising. It said Mobile Legends by Moonton earned $6M in estimated monthly revenue and 75 percent users percentage are originally from South East Asia. And today! Lets talk about; what are the things we needed to become an excellence while playing Mobile Legends ( MLBB) gameplay for android and iOS users, counting evolution for desktops users using third party apps.

What you need to get the highest rank name Myhtic Glory or even Mythic? Players must knew how to get big source of patients and team fight.

The above tips and guides are the best way to get the highest rank mode in Mobile legends gameplay. Sounds like embarrassing right, But as you noticed, to become a highest ranking players patience and good reflexes are the main frame to get the best player throne. If you don’t have that, then you might get a lot of trainings and practices to learn more about a characters of top global players.

Secret Tips to become a top global 1 hero in Mobile Legends?

Based on Ethan Ng Testimony from Qoura, The best way to become a top global 1 hero in Mobile Legends is to spam the hero you are playing the best.
You will face a lot of criticism comments throughout the gameplay. That is how I play my Layla from 0 power to Global Top 5. Even until now, I still received many rude comments when I am streaming, mentioning that my Layla is weak and I will just replied ‘Thanks for the advice’.

Next, it is not like street or country ranking where you win a match to get 5 to 8 points and lose 15 to 20 points. Global ranking is based on your power during the matchmaking. It is showed under the MMR before you pick the hero. So, you will find it very hard to up your street and country ranking. Global is another story, it is based on how many matches you played and how many matches you won. I played 10 matches per day, normally I will lose 3 to 4 matches and won 6 to 7 matches. In two weeks time I am already on the Top 5.

Lastly, choose those heroes with lower win rate. Those are the heroes players do not like to play that often. So even you are having a lower win rate than them, you are still having a higher hero MMR.

But according to Tala Cassy, from Qoura an ML player with much more experienced he said; ( those tips and guides are myth! )

Number 1 Problem: Unfair matchmaking. If you’re going solo to top global, it will be almost impossible to be honest. Those who reached top global are those who play with the best squads or cheat their way to the top. There are so many people who cheat their way to top global and the owner game developer didn’t really plan to tolerate those players.

Besides the MMR is pointless though. You can get a winning MVP and earn around 6 points of Matchmaking Rating. But the next game you get a losing MVP and lose around 20–30 MMR. It’s quite unfair in my opinion. You can increase your chances of going to top global by being extremely good with the hero you’re playing.

But that’s not enough, because your teammates will not always be the best and they can feed, go afk, take buffs, make small or big mistakes, etc. Oh and ask yourself, is getting a top global title really worth you time and effort? Does it benefit you anything? Will it affect your health?
This is my opinion, and I would like to say that it’s not worth going for something that would just drain your energy.

MLBB Mobile Legends High Damage Heroes Worth Buying


  • Beatrix ml

  • brody ml hero

  • wan wan ml high damage mobile legends hero

  • LOU

  • hanabi-ml-high-damage-hero


  • Chou ML

  • Khaleed ml

  • hilda ml


  • paquito ml


  • gloo ml

  • khufra ml

  • uranus ml

  • esmeralda-ml

  • atlas ml


  • mathilda ml

  • benedetta ml

  • ling ml

  • gusion ml

  • lancelot ml


  • esmeralda-ml

  • yve ml

  • lylia ml

  • Louyi ML

  • lunox ml


  • angela ml

  • mathilda ml

  • carmila ml

  • minotaur ml

  • nana ml

How To get Diamonds in Mobile Legends For Free 2021?

Today’s latest update of Mobile Legends online gaming apps for android, iOS and desktop users, It’s pretty easy to get legit diamonds for free.
Check this out and I will show you how!

To get so much legit diamonds in Mobile Legends MLBB for free. First enable or turn on your MLBB livestream feature: Go to Live stream button and enable all settings you want. You must be a live streamer, and start to populate your channel. People will notice you and follow in game.
Turning a casual viewer into a super fan. Gifting is the key to get free diamonds, when someone watches your live stream or maybe friends they can send gifts at anytime while you streaming your matches. First Go to your MLBB My channel and then Chatting and you will see different example amount of diamonds per gifts start from 2 diamonds to 5000.
When someone, viewers, fans sent you a gifts in will turned into BB COINS, you may check this at your account inventory name PACKS 5BBs = 1 Diamond.
There are hundredths of Facebook Groups recruiting moderators to monitor the group. Moderator Tasks, assists new member, review post, manage post violation and respond member comments. There are groups willing to pay moderators up to 3000 diamonds weekly ( Like: MLBBPHModeratorRecruitment, MLBB YouTube KOL Moderator Team ) Apply MLBB MGL Artwork, MLBB MGL Writer. Moonton will pay you decent diamonds for your works.
MGL MLBB Great Creation League is one of way to get diamonds without monetary expenses just apply recruitment and get hired. Go To Instagram (mgl_mlbb). And MLBB TIKTOK KOL Recruit creator who want to earn diamonds using TIK TOK apps platform.
Go to ‘Draw’ section of the shop you can participate in the Lucky Spin, which earns you skins, but more importantly, Lucky Gem fragments that you can use to redeem a skin or a hero from the Lucky Shop, which is a good way of saving diamonds.
Though highly competitive, if you are a good enough player you can join tournaments for a chance to win diamonds, and even real money. For example, Moonton has hosted the diamond challenge tournament in the past, with a max reward of 5000 diamonds, and $1500 Buy them: you can purchase diamonds in the Mobile Legends shop for varying amounts of money. As with most free-to-play currencies, the more you buy, the more you get free as a bonus
VeeU: Video community where the users can express their opinion, share funny and cool videos.

Dent Android: Get a free pulse to exchange with diamonds Mobile Legends

Kubik News: With Kubik News, you can collect diamonds for Mobile Legends.

New Cat: is a new app that is good to try if you need to collect diamonds Mobile Legends.

Nimo TV: This app has been used by millions of gamers around the world due to its beneficial service.

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