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micro, small, and medium enterprises

Philippine APEC Summit 2015: Major Long Term Benefits

Opinion: Philippine APEC Summit 2015 is very prestigious event of Aquino Administration presidential history, Because of 1-4 days sacrificing big possibilities of long term outcome positively because of major long-term benefits to our fellow filipinos. 20 other member economies, has been pushing for inclusive growth and empowering micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), among others.


What are the possible Outcome Benefits:

1 Considering the enhancement marketing of ‘MSMEs’ the Micro Small Medium Enterprises.
Many fellow filipinos are very creative and talented, Entrepreneur ex: making burloloy, native products, wood sculpting, wooden bicycle, bamboo craft, atsara, candies, bagoong, chocolate, organic milk, cheese and others, this are the products that may possible example of MSMEs business. The good news of this event our campaign is focusing the brilliant talent of filipinos.

micro, small, and medium enterprises

MSMEs account for about a third of the gross domestic product, represent 98% of all registered businesses, and employ more than 50% of the entire domestic workforce.


  • 2, Increase The BPO Industry Specially in Call Center Job.
  • 3, Increasing GDP – Gross Domestic Product.
  • 4, Increase Growth  OFW Remittances.
  • 5 , It will provides the Philippines a chance to market itself as an investment destination.
  • 6,  Increase Investor, Businesses and Tourism sectors
  • Enhance better transport system, roads and bridges