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PIA Alonzo Wurtzbach Apartment in New York

PIA Alonzo Wurtzbach Apartment in New York (NYC)

Latest update Miss Universe 2015 PIA Alonzo Wurtzbach apartment in New York City (NYC), Lets check this out viewed and search. The most beautiful women crowned December 2015 first interviews in NYC, short tour on her apartment, lifestyle after the event.


Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is having the time of her life as she begins her year-long reign as Miss Universe. Part of her prize package is staying in a prime New York City apartment, which she gave a glimpse on Inside Edition.


She gave a tour of her New York City apartment, showing the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. She said that unfortunately she does not have time to cook although she is a culinary graduate.


She also showed the “infamous” blue gown she was wearing at the coronation night when host Steve Harvey initially called Miss Colombia as the pageant’s winner, which he corrected later on and Miss Philippines is the actual winner.


Pia said that Harvey approached her afterwards and apologized for the mistake although she thought that the apology was not necessary.


With regards to what Miss Colombia feels and the talks of her saying that they can share the crown, Pia said that it is not a good idea but she feels for Miss Colombia.


Watch Inside Edition’s clip with Pia below.

Representative to end the pageant fiasco, Wurtzbach expressed sympathy with the Miss Universe first runner-up and said “I understand where she is coming from. Of course, if I was in her position, I would probably feel the same way.”

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