Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm

Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm (UFC 193) Full Fight Replay

The Year’s Biggest Upset Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holms, one of the most anticipated fights all year turned out one of the biggest upsets in Mix Martial Arts history. From start to finish Holly Holm’s dominated Ronda Rousey and the crowd. Holly Holm’s was quiet, calm, and calculating going into the fight. The odds were against Holly Holm, and the naysayers counted her out, but she prove the best of the best last night, November 14th, 2015.

(Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm (UFC 193) Full Fight Replay.)

Intensity highlighting of the fight, Rousey refused to give Holm an opening fist bump before the fight. In the first round, the calm and collected Holly Holm was not at all intimidated by the physicality and beast like nature of Rousey. Holm avoided many of Rousey’s punches in the first round. Finally, Rousey was able to land a few punches however, Holm was able to break away.


In a brief turn of events, Rousey was able to grab a hold of Holm, but Holm got away. From that point on, Holm began to land straight punches over and over again. Spectators could see that Rousey was starting to get tired.


She was pretty much exhausted as the first round began coming to a close. But that maybe more or less trivial. She was just about finished. At the close of the first round, Holm went for the take down but she let her opponent back up. Clearly Holm was the runner  and won the first round. To everyone’s amazement Holm won the first round convincingly. What would happen in the second round was truly to everyone’s amazement.
Watch UFC 193: Rousey Holm full fight replay | At the beginning of the second round, Holm punished Rousey with her land hand. At one point, Rousey rushed in, Holm ducked, and Rousey fell to her knee highlighting what appeared a very difficult fight for Rousey. Next, Holm hit Rousey hard with another punishing left punch, and as Rousey stood up and turned back, Holm forced a kick that sent Rousey to the ground. She was out for the count.
Rousey is a pit bull and she rushes in on her opponent’s usually ending up as the victor. But, in this case, the methodical, calculating and calm nature of Holly Holm’s way of fighting proved a bit too much. When Rousey did attempt to go into attack mode, even getting a good, successful hold on Holm during the fight, the expert Holm was able to evade Rousey with precision and come back at her with her strategy in place without fear or panic. Truly excellence  performance. Stay tuned for the rematch.