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Samsung Smartphone Users you need to read this right now

If you own a Samsung smartphone, you need to read this right now. GOOGLE has discovered a slew of serious issues and flaws in Samsung smartphones which could allow hackers to gain access to your personal data.

Google has exposed 11 serious flaws in Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone.

The award-winning Samsung smartphone, which went on-sale earlier this year, was found to include a staggering 11 security flaws.

These flaws leave the device open to hackers, who could use the weaknesses to target data including personal email addresses.

Emails could be forwarded by the hackers to another account without the victim ever knowing about the data theft, Google has claimed.

The South Korean technology firm is believed to be hard at work on patches for the flaws.

Google’s Project Zero notified Samsung of the problems with its Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone.

In a statement, the Google-funded team of security analysts said: “Over the course of a week, we found a total of 11 issues with a serious security impact.

“The majority of these issues were fixed on the device we tested via an over the air update within 90 days.

“It is promising that the highest severity issues were fixed and updated on-device in a reasonable timeframe.”

Samsung – which recently released its seventh, and most impressive smartwatch to date – has confirmed it will fix the remaining issues later this month.

“Maintaining the trust of our customers is a top priority,” the South Korean firm confirmed.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was recently branded the smartphone of the year by the prestigious T3 Awards.

But dwindling sales forced Samsung to launch this insane deal on the award-winning smartphone earlier this year.