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apec philippines 2015 video contest

Watch 2015 APEC Philippines Video Contest Winners

An overview of the major official events for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2015 summit in Manila.

Video concept: Stories of change and positive impact told through creative videos. APEC Video contest announced winners’APEC’ economic leaders week in Manila, Entrants to the competition provided 3-minute video interpretations of the impact of trade and economic development on people’s lives in the Asia-Pacific, with particular focus on the benefits of technology and innovation for micro, small and medium enterprises.


Christhelyn Siena Quides who is from Albay, the Philippines was awarded top honors for her video, “Anna’s Village,” which depicts how technology helped to spur innovation in a small, remote community and promote its development. The announcement was made at an award presentation on Monday alongside the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week meetings here.


“The APEC Video Contest is intended to provide the public with an opportunity to visually articulate the inclusive economies theme and priorities being taken forward through cooperation among member economies,” explained Dr Alan Bollard, Executive Director of the APEC Secretariat.


“The story of Anna’s village creatively shows how technology and innovation can make a positive difference to people’s lives and livelihoods,” he continued. “Ms Quides’ video provides a clear picture of APEC’s work and its potential benefits to people and society as well as inspiration to Leaders, Ministers and Senior Officials for taking the region’s agenda forward.”


“Bridging Creative Economies for a Better World” produced by Robert Cristobal of Singapore and “Technology Runs the Artery of our Society” by Michael Golez of The Philippines won the competition’s second and third place honors, respectively.


The results were announced by Dr Bollard and Barbara Navarro, Director for Operations and Strategy, Public Policy and Government Relations at Google who supported the competition.


“Technology and innovation have the power to connect people from anywhere in the world by creating business solutions that can be used by anyone who has access to technology and the Internet,” said Navarro. “These encourage start-ups to flourish and help bring more sectors and people into the fold of prosperity achieved through business.”


“Google is happy to be part of APEC’s efforts to get the message of inclusivity, access and integration across to the public, especially the youth,” Navarro added.


The winning videos will be screened at the International Media Center for the 2015 APEC Economic Leaders’ Week from 16-19 November 2015.


“Anna is a representation of of every Filipino child with dreams and hopes that future will be good. Anna’s parents are representation of every father and mother striving hard to secure their children’s future,” says Ms Quides. “I came up with Anna’s Village because it is important not only to enumerate what people and communities can get out from innovation, technology, and development, but also to actually tell their story.”

apec philippines 2015 video contest
ANNA’S VILLAGE. Anna’s Village bags the first prize for the 2015 APEC video contest. (Screengrab from YouTube)


First Prize Winner – Anna’s village


Second Prize Winner – Bridging Creative Economies for a Better World



Third Prize Winner – Technology Runs the Artery of Our Society